Beauty products buyer’s database

Beauty products buyer’s database

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Social Statistics on Beauty Buyers

Digital marketers are faced with a myriad of data, but the challenge is no longer finding enough; instead, they must sift through mountains of information to find details related to their business — especially metrics related to social media that would help them see how consumers respond to their business. While monitoring social interactions involves several tools, one may find that specific platforms make it easier than others to provide relevant data.

Instagram trend

Beauty buyers aged 35 to 64 are 50% more likely than millennials to use Instagram for research and comparing prices.

Understanding how beauty buyers of different ages use social is crucial: with the above stat in their back pocket, marketers can ensure Instagram ads aimed at the 35-64 demographic focus on product details that make research and price comparison a snap.

Online video

Beauty buyers are 20% more likely to watch online videos about beauty products. Suppose the last statistic makes it clear that millennials are less likely than the age cohort above them to use Instagram for research and price comparison purposes. In that case, the next question is, what do millennials want from the online beauty community? The answer: Videos about beauty products. Because marketers know they’re more likely to have, millennial viewers than viewers aged 35 to 64 can tailor their videos specifically for those streaming them.

Facebook content

48% of beauty shoppers who research beauty content on Facebook will trust a brand when they view pictures, videos, and other content posted by the bloggers they follow. Even though FB gives brands credibility by default, you must be careful not to misuse this trust. It is too easy for a brand to take advantage of this trust & lower your reputation. Make sure you partner with trustworthy people and offer content or products that add value to your audience.

Buy for a special occasion

A majority of women believe that beauty products can help them feel more beautiful so if you’re thinking about launching a beauty product in the near future, consider doing some market research first to find out what kinds of beauty products are currently selling well and what types aren’t being sold at all. From there, use your findings to tweak your marketing campaign for the best possible results.

Whether you are marketing beauty products or other B2B services, Instagram posts related to your company should use quotes, pictures with text overlays, or even videos. Social media focuses on images and shares them as they contain powerful images that are bound to impact viewers. Realistically, the most shareable posts will have pictures of people engaging in some activity (fun, entertaining, or relaxing). It’s important to post about products along with lifestyle photos!