How to buy UAE B2B accounting database

uae b2b accounting database

What is an accounting Database?

A database is a storage area for large amounts of data shared among different people working within an organization. Thus, an accounting database stores the accounting data, which employees can access with the correct permissions to view and edit their parts of the database. Each employee’s part of the database holds information such as their login username and password, mobile number, etc.

How to buy UAE B2B accounting database

Keeping track of basic income and expense transactions is critical in your business, making it essential to use accounting software. The MS Access Basic Business Accounting Database is built completely in MS Access tables, forms, reports, and VBA code. This accounting database has the advantage of being fully 100% MS Access-based. This aspect allows for tight integration into your existing MS Access database. As a result, Microsoft Office users will feel right at home with this accounting database. Database Dubai Basic Business Accounting offers the ability to set up employees’ roles, categories types, and category names, and the ability to input transactions into your Basic Business Accounting.

Details about accounting database

Being consistent with your company’s bookkeeping is extremely important, so it might be wise to look into Microsoft Access, the database solution from Microsoft. Access stands for creating and managing businesses: let its 100% EXCEL-like interface on the inside work for you from the outside. Taking some time to write VBA code will drastically increase your productivity and efficiency in handling many of your daily tasks because this Basic Business Accounting tool offered by MS will surely inject ease into how you collect and accurately report company financials.

Can modify Features:

If you have time, you’ll be able to have a full view of the Access database file and modify it to fit your specifications. You’ll also be able to implement any custom features needed for your business. However, if this is not feasible for you, we can help with the integration process. Customers who need some basic information from our product can also contact us for a quote on building an integration process between our software and theirs.

The first step is to determine what functionality is required, including how the new application will interact with existing applications or systems. From this consultation session, the project is scoped, and planning begins. It includes: defining the requirements (functionality), performance, interface specification (windows/screens), databases schema, User interface screens, and functional specifications, as well as assessing the level of customizations/purchaser programming.

Purchase details of the accounting database

If you have purchased the database, you should receive an email within 12 hours with a link to download the full version of our product. Please check your junk mail folder if it gets delivered there for some reason. And if you need any help using what we’ve put together here, or if you need any modifications done for your needs, please get in touch with our customer service representatives at (phone number). They can get started on a quote for you that will cater to your individual needs based on details and requirements that you provide them via written documentation, so request this when requesting assistance from Database Dubai Customer Service.